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Greetings from Mt. Pleasant Medispa! 


I am writing with an exciting announcement!


 We are introducing Rodan and Fields skin care to the list of products already offered.  Some may find this an unusual decision.  You may be saying to yourself, “why is Dr. Williams getting involved with that skin care that keeps flooding my facebook account! 


We will continue to offer our private label skin care products in the spa, as well as EltaMD sunscreens and other specialized products like Latisse.  I stand by my products and their results, and I am proud to say that the private label products are paraben and benzone free!  However, over the course of the last year or so, I have been hearing more and more about Rodan and Fields.  Patients are coming to office reporting that they are using the products, and are pleased with their skin care. 


I was also intrigued when two nurse anesthetists, with whom I work closely, informed me that they were Rodan and Fields consultants.  So I decided to look into what all the buzz was about, though admittedly, I was more than skeptical!  I learned that Rodan and Fields was created by two Stanford trained dermatologists, who still have active practices.  The product line is actually over 10 years old, and was originally sold in brick and mortar stores. 


The products are designed to be used in a system like approach, similar to the Obagi line, with which I am very familiar.  However, clients can purchase individual products, such as the Lash Boost, which is an alternative to Latisse.  The Rodan and Fields products contain such proven ingredients as retinols and hydroquinone, albeit the concentrations may not be as high as those found in products only sold in doctor’s offices, such as the Mt. Pleasant Medispa.  And I realize that many people don’t have time in their busy day to come to the Medispa, and many like to do their shopping online, and in the comfort of their own home. 


For example, if your concern is your child’s acne, it may not be easy to carve out time to bring your son or daughter into the office for a consult.  The Rodan and Fields allows you to purchase online, with the availability of consultants to help guide you.  The Rodan and Fields will be available through the Medispa website for you convenience.


Check it out!

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