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So Who, or What to Believe!?


I can't believe it's Monday already, and a wet one at that!  Where did the weekend go?  

So here's a quick run down on the weekend's Covid numbers.  You may be aware that SC is being highlighted as one of the states with a spike in Covid numbers. 

Last week, we had record cases reported, with the highest daily count being recorded yesterday.  I think that this highlights that the virus is still out there, and as such, we should all be cautious. 

There is not a lot of social distancing going on, and the vacationers have landed! 

However, what does this case number REALLY mean, and is it consistent with the other numbers being  reported?  Is this spike a fallout from Memorial Day and the protests?  While the highest number of daily cases was reported yesterday, hospital utilization was actually under 70%, while it has been hovering at about 70% for the last couple of weeks.  Additionally, there was only one death reported statewide (though even one death is too many). 

Could it be that we were so grossly under-testing back in March? 

The experts late last week were refuting this, because the percent of tested cases with positive results was rising,and was over 14%, whereas the experts claim that the percentage should be closer to 12%. 

However, yesterday, it was down to 13.6, despite reporting almost 800 new cases in one day! 

So who and what should we believe? 

More to come...  Have a great week and stay dry!

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