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Making Progress on Marvelous Monday

Good morning.  It's great to see Charleston returning to normalcy.  The waterways were busy this weekend, any many enjoyed the beaches.  Businesses are reopening and professional sports have resumed!  However, despite the progress, you will find that until further notice, we will be adhering to the policies we have already implemented regarding temperature checks, keeping the doors locked and only allowing one patient at a time to enter the building.  We have stringent cleaning policies which include disinfectants and uv sanitizers.  We also request that all patients wear a mask or face covering when they come to their appointments.  We will also continue to offer virtual visits.  We expect Covid cases to be reported throughout the summer, but it is hoped that the current trend of decreasing mortality continues even with an increase in cases.  In part, the increasing numbers will be due to increased availability of testing.  The more I talk to friends, colleagues, and patients, I hear more and more reports of respiratory illness in January and February that were flue and strep negative.  It is possible that we already had an element of herd immunity before we were really even aware of Covid.  I will continue to watch the DHEC daily reports very closely.  Since there are so many questions regarding the reliability of testing and reporting, the number I find most useful is hospital bed utilization, as this is a great indicator of whether an outbreak is stressing health care resources.  And don't forget, the reason were told to quarantine to begin with was to avoid over-burdoning the health care system and exhausting PPE. As we continue to honor moms throughout the month of May, we are offering this "

Marvelous Monday" special.  With every full priced purchase of filler, you receive   This special is only valid today, as a flash sale.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers or specials, though Brilliant Distinction points can apply.  While the purchase must be made today, you have one year to use the filler and Botox.  Have a great Monday! Heidi Williams, MD

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