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Introducing Vaser Technology

January 16, 2016

Update from the desk of Heidi Williams, MD...

I happened to sit down for a sip of coffee last Saturday, and an article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye. It was titled: “The Price of Beauty.” reading the article it made me think about how we address patients' concerns, both within my medical practice as well as in the medispa. The article focuses on the priority of beauty for women and the cost of beauty treatments.

The article also recommends that women seek the services of trusted individuals, whether aestheticians or physicians, to ensure that the appropriate products and treatments are being suggested for the client’s skin condition and type, facial and body contour, medical issues, etc. While a woman’s budget may play a part in determining what products and services are ultimately purchased or undertaken, my mission has always been to recommend the best treatments available to address a patient’s concerns, whether surgical or nonsurgical, and to give patients their options.

For instance, one woman may desire facial rejuvenation that would be best served by a facelift, but is against having surgery. That woman may choose to rejuvenate her look instead with a combination approach of fillers and skin tightening lasers or radiofrequency technologies, fully understanding the limits of the nonsurgical methods. Our goal at Heidi Williams, MD, and Mt. Pleasant Medispa is to offer products and procedures that are safe, proven, innovative, and also cost effective! We are not fans of fads! We also stand behind the face the Dr. Williams, herself, performs all injections, whether it’s Botox, Dysport, filler, or sclerotherapy for spider injections.Along these lines, we are proud to announce the introductions of several new technologies and treatments! We are the first and only physician to offer Vaser liposuction.

The Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction is not new, but the Vaser is the latest in the evolution of this technology, and allows for body contouring that cannot be achieved with other technologies. Vaser makes possible the High Definition Technique for liposculpture. We are so excited about it that we have a dedicated website for the Vaser!


We are also adding the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron to our Palomar Icon to offer the best in laser hair removal, treatment of troublesome pigment, facial and spider veins, and fine lines. The Gentle Max Pro also treats toenail fungus, which I know doesn’t sound glamorous, but I know is a serious problem lurking beneath so many pretty manicures! I was one the first in the Charleston area to offer Thermage years ago, though I am now pleased to introduce the Sublime and Sublative RF (radiofrequency) technologies.

Over the last few months we have been very excited about the results we have been able to achieve as the RF. Kybella is also now available to treat that troublesome submetal fat. Kybella is not ideal for everyone, but certainly has its role in the treatment of that isolated fat deposit under the chin.Before I sign off, I also wanted to pass along a few last announcements.

The Wall Street Journal article mentioned a new app that allows a woman to have her makeup and skin care products reviewed by a specialist for a charge of $135.00. However, our talented aestheticians at Mt. Pleasant Medispa have provided this service for years to ensure that our patients are maximizing their resources. And to make sure you get 2016 off on the right foot, we are offering this service for free for the next month. So come see us! Lastly, we are also hosting an Open House on February 3rd, from 4-7pm which we are calling our What Women Want Event!

In addition to providing information on our products and services, it will be an opportunity for talented and professional women to network. Not only will representatives from the plastic surgery industry be present, but so will other female business owners in the Charleston area who offer “what women want,” such as Bobbi Engelby from Domain Interiors and Amy Van Liew from Stella and Dot.

Please call (843-375-0270) to RSVP as space is limited!

Happy New Year!

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