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Dermaplane Reg: $125


Intro Price: $89 for 2 weeks




Complimentary Skin Consult & customized medical grade products


Exfoliation is one of the most important techniques to achieve vibrant, youthful appearing skin. Often, dead skin cells don't shed completely and can contribute to dullness, fine lines & congestion.


Dermaplaning is an advanced, rejuvenation procedure which triggers cell turnover by manually exfoliating the superficial layer of dead skin and removing fine hairs.


This painless, non-invasive procedure will stimulate blood circulation, increase product absorption, boost collagen, and promote elastin production.


Routine dermaplanes are safe during summer months with zero downtime and instantaneous improvement in tone and texture.


Perfect before events for smooth makeup application, and before more invasive procedures to boost treatment results. We recommend monthly treatments for long-term skin health benefits!

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